Bedroom Wall Tiles


At Srichendur bedroom wall tilesshowroom in Chennai, there are fabulous choices for your sleeping quarters. Interior designs are all about creating good texture, colors, depth, and character. By inviting natural textures into the interior spaces, we can create an eye-catching look for your bedroom space. Wall tiles are one of the fabulous features of the home. Tiles are the one which is perfect to insert the charming look into your space. Making the special room where we relax after a stressful day into an auspicious space by choosing the right tile from our bedroom tiles shop in chennai is one of the arduous things. Our tiles are incorporated in a way that creates the best atmosphere for your room that makes the room more inviting.

The bedroom should look more stylish, cozy, and even more rich-looking. For these things, wall and flooring makes a vital role. Make use of low lightness-toned tile to possess the tranquility sense. There are numerous designs, colors, and designs of bedroom tiles at affordable bedroom wall tiles prices in Chennai. For a good look, use wood effect tiles that complement the authentic style. For luxurious features, wall tiles with rustic wood-effect add a vintage feel to the room. Cushion-edged wall tiles will soften the look of your room.

By just transforming your floor is not just enough, but also adding a strike featured wall ends the complete refreshing look. Adding white tiles to your bedroom helps to make your room larger and brighter. Injecting white tiles on your walls is an easy way to give a burst to your home. So next time, if you’re looking for bedroom wall tiles, visit Srichendur, the best bedroom wall tiles shop in chennai. We offer you the best quality wall tiles designs that create a natural charm to the bedroom.

15x60 cm - Wood

15x45 cm - Digistone

15x60 cm - Wood

Designer Collection - 30x60 cm

HD - 30x60 cm

Designer Collection - 30x60 cm

Digital - 30x45 cm

60x120 cm