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Kajaria Tiles Showroom in Chennai

In order to satisfy the needs of the customers, Srichendur, the Kajaria tiles showroom in Chennai provides a wide range and collections of tiles that complement the distinctive style and vast needs of people around the country. Our tiles showroom is here to help and guide you in a clear way along with your budget ideas for your dream home. With fragile collections, Kajaria offer comes in different designs in much rustic finish looks which makes space stand out. From the latest trend to the reliable classics, everything is in a state of wow at our Srichendur, tiles shop in Chennai..

We surely believe in the relationship between the customers and the showroom. Our tiles showroom in Chennai (Madipakkam & Chrompet) branch has transparent view with the customers at the pricing level and at the sales issues. The belief in product quality for the best tiles for home in Chennai helps the Kajaria to grow towards the peak height. We’re driven by a passion for what we do and faith in our old fashion service. Each tile is made by using state of the art technology making them strong, durable, and easy to maintain.

The Srichendur’s Kajaria tiles showroom in Chennai ranges of the luxurious floor and wall tiles integrates technology aptitude with intense designs and effect. Regardless of the tile you choose, you’ll end up with something new when you’re with our tiles showroom.

When compared to other tiles showroom, Sri Chendur is the biggest tiles showroom in Chennai and the official Kajari dealers in Chennai committed to providing the customers with the best products and services. We also offer dedicated and friendly delivery services for your orders even also for tiles wholesale in Chennai. Fall in love with the tile at our Srichendur’s tiles shop in Madipakkam & Chrompet, and take a sample home to know how it plays with your space. Our 3 large and modern tiles showroom are located at Madipakkam, Chrompet, and Padappai. Whatever tile designs you decide on, give our Tiles showroom a call, visit one of our Tiles showrooms in chennai for the best tiles for home and branded bathroom designs tiles in Chennai.

Unique patterns and designs imported just for you, so shop from our eclectic range of tiles. With an old classic look to ultra-modern designs, the tiles of Kajaria are sure to leave everyone mesmerized at low tiles price in Chennai. Looking for the best tile shop in Chennai, our Srichendur’s tiles showroom in Chennai provides you an array of various ceramic tiles.


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Kajaria has today become synonymous with the quality and innovations of ceramic productions.. The products of Kajaria are a sign of creativity and exclusivity. And sure, In India Kajaria tiles showroom has gained huge goodwill in the tile industry.

The Srichendur offers Official Kajaria Tiles Showroom In chennai, we are the one who is the branded and most trusted Kajaria dealers in Chennai. Our Srichendur tiles showroom which was the biggest tile showroom in Chennai offers the best tiles for homes and commercial residents in distinct and numerous varieties such as ceramic all and floor tiles, porcelain tiles, polished vitrified tiles, glazed vitrified tiles, and printed digital tiles, etc.. at low tiles price in Chennai. Not just we stop with these tiles, but also we are offering sanitary ware and faucets from top brand names like Kerovit, Kohler, Unlike other players, Kajaria has been slow and steady in focusing on introducing new products.

There are different kinds of raw materials such as ceramic and porcelain and Kajaria and Kajaria tile dealers in Chennai never fails to show you the best. Are you looking for a tile shop near me, then go with our Srichendur tile shop in Chennai, the best kajaria tiles showroom in Chennai. We guide you to find your best tiles for the home in Chennai. Of course, there is a huge variety of tiles in the market. Kajaria dealers want you to go with some following features to get an awesome tiled floor or wall.

A) Tiles should look trendy and admirable which adds some beauty to your space. B) Durable and good resistance to water, scratches, stains, and allergens. C) It should have a good finish and not lose its sheen for a few decades of years.

A brand that is leading in India has proved that the above thing is satisfied only by the Kajaria dealers and sure that our tiles showroom in chennai would not undergo any grievances.

Decorating your home with ceramic and vitrified tiles will definitely provide an illusion to the look of your home. Let’s go to an overview of the busiest place in our home! Yes, the kitchen and bathroom are the busiest space in our home. Keeping in this mind, we at Srichendur tiles showroom furnishes you with the best bathroom tiles designs in Chennai with maxima grant and a luxurious look.

Kajaria dealers are adopting new methods and strategies in order to enhance the quality. Kerovit by Kajaria is the most prominent sanitary ware at a very reasonable price. Looking forward to faucets and basins, contact our Srichendur’s the best tiles showroom in chennai. The basic demand of the consumers is to reinvent and renovate their environment with the aesthetic interior and exterior tiles as their exigency is a lavish lifestyle and we are here to provide you the tiles wholesale in chennai.

All the products are processed and being manufactured by India’s No1 Tiles Brand Kajaria. So never compromise with your dreams and be optimistic in providing a luxurious look to your space. If you are located in Madipakkam & Chrompet and looking for a best tiles shop near me then you are in the right place. Choose your favorite product from the Srichendur’s the best tiles wholesale shop in Chennai.


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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do the tile dealers in Chennai offer tile samples?

All tile dealers provide sample tiles as they strive to provide quality products to add value to the success of their company. But we at Sri Chendur, the Kajaria tiles showroom in Chennai knows that furnishing the sample is an elite way to spread the refuge and satisfying atmosphere of the Tile company. Apart from this, Sri Chendur, one of the best tile showroom in Chennai provides catalogs and image albums of the tiles like floor tiles including vitrified tiles, quartz stone, composite marbles, etc. Laying out samples defines the customer to have fair and ethical thoughts about our company.

2. Do the tile dealers near me in Chennai offer tile installation services?.

Yes, most of the tile dealers nearby Chennai offer and assist their customers with the best tile installation service at an additional affordable cost.The biggest tiles showroom in Chennai, Sri Chendur brings into play skilled laborers who are well versed in the installation and renovation works. It is assured that our Sri Chendur would embrace each project as a unique challenge and brings on a harmonic feel with the constructions.

3. How to clean and maintain tiles for longevity?

With over a decade of experience, our tile showroom, Sri Chendur is here to share the knowledge in cleaning the tiles. Cleaning tiles may sound like a tiresome chore, but it is quite easy. It is advisable to use a mild detergent and floor cleaners. Mop the floors with warm water once a week. Use a cleanser and disinfectants to clean the dirtier spills. To eliminate the unwanted mud or water, place doormats in and outsides of the home. Don't forget to clean the grout.

4. Which type of tile should be used outdoors?

The outdoor tiles should undergo high-temperature baking to retain their durability. Choose anti-slip from our tile shop in Chennai , with a rough texture for better slip-resistance. Porcelain tiles are better as they have a rough finish. They are non-porous and stain-proof. The quality of those outdoor tiles from Srichendur, the best tile showroom in Chennai should make the floor tremendously hard and resistant to scratching. So, you need to put more effort into selecting an elegant type of tile.

5. How to choose a tile?

Before tiling our home, plan the area where the tiles are going to be installed. And there must be no shortage of colors, textures, and designs in your tiles to choose from. Prefer the best tile for home in Chennai from our Kajaria tile dealers in Chennai. with a highly textured surface and boasts a unique visual aesthetic. Large tiles tend to make a small room appear big. If you want a very stylish, upscale feel in your room, Consider a versatile tile for tiling from the best tile showroom like Srichendur.

6. What is the difference between wall and floor tiles?

Generally, all floor tiles will be used on the walls, however, the reverse is not true. Wall tiles square measure typically made with a lighter and softer body compared to floor tiles. Floor tiles square measure created thicker and more durable to resist traffic. Floor tiles can inherently be far more sturdy than wall tiles. So, once it involves tiles, suppose a small amount a lot of and judge. However, each plays a vital role in the protection and change of state. We recommend you to use the tiles from Srichendur to have a safe and stylish look with the lowest tiles price in Chennai.

7. When ordering tiles, how much extra should I buy?

While measuring for tiles, always remember to calculate the alcoves and closet space. While calculating for wall tiling, the height and length of the wall are multiplied and don't forget to buy additional square footage of tiles. It is highly recommended to order an additional 10-20% of tiles due to some reasons like wastage, breakage, spare pieces for future. Ordering just 10% of additional tiles doesn't allow for any mishaps such as incorrect cuts. If you’re in a need of best tiles for home in Chennai, Srichendur is a best tiles showroom to browse and contact.


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We guide our customers carefully through the range in order to create a concept that is unique to each individual style and budget.

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We guide our customers carefully through the range in order to create a concept that is unique to each individual style and budget.

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